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Re: Flashit problem!

>    When I flashit a board using flash chip TC58FVT160FT, it's OK. But when I flashit a board using flash chip TC58FBT160FT, there is a fatal verify error.
>    The error is:
> Found 1 x 16Mb BB at 0x80000000

BB means bottom boot, but your flash is top boot. The device id for TC58FBT160FT
probably clashes with the device id of another manufacturers chip (e100boot only
checks device id and not the combination of manufacturer id and device id).
I could not find the datasheet for TC58FBT160FT, do you have it?

We probably need to make a change to the big switch statement in
tools/e100boot/cbl/flash.c and do a "make install" in tools/e100boot.

Best regards