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Re: libtool

> From: joost <j.w.reus@xxxxxxx.nl>
> Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 11:03:49 +0100

> I am trying to port a shared library to the developer board_lx (Berkeley 
> Database). The standard Makefile uses libtool for this. I can't get this to 
> work.

Sorry, but that's too little information for me to act usefully.
I'll try the latest Berkeley DB release and configure it, but
without knowing more I haven't got much hope for this to lead

libtool should work by default provided the package is
configured correctly, but as you might have seen, there was a
very recent failure report where the package looked like it was
configured correctly.  If this is not the *exact* failure you
saw, can you please provide the same necessary information:

- The compiler version (e.g. cris-dist-1.16-1).

- The source.  (If this is an official or well-known unmodified
  package, the name and release-number may suffice).

- Any modifications if applicable (as patches to the package).

- How to configure the package to see the failure, if
  applicable, for example
  env AS=cris-as CC="cris-gcc -mlinux" OBJCOPY="objcopy-cris" LD="ld-cris \ 
  -mcrislinux"  RANLIB=cris-ranlib AR=cris-ar NM=cris-nm STRIP=cris-strip \
  ./configure --host=cris-axis-linux-gnu

- How to compile the package.  For example, just "make" (if
  configured, like above else with all make-parameters).

- A transcript of the build session (the text appearing in the
  terminal window; for example "make > buildlog 2>&1".  This is
  necessary in order to verify that I see the same error you see.

brgds, H-P