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Re: Cross-compiling libgmp problems

> From: Ronny L Nilsson <rln@xxxxxxx.se>
> Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 14:58:39 +0100

> I'm just curious, what is the differens of these?
> 	-mlinux

This is a compiler option: "gcc-cris -mlinux".

> 	-mcrislinux

This is a linker option, used by "gcc-cris -mlinux" when
linking.  You shouldn't need to know about "-mcrislinux".
Use the compiler to link and to create shared libraries.

> 	-melf

This option tells the compiler to generate ELF files, but is
redundant default and redundant with the -mlinux option.

If you've installed cris-dist-1.16, you have this information in
the info files:
 info -f gcc-cris -n "CRIS Options"
to get directly to the CRIS-specific compiler options.

> And which one to use for axis devboard?

If you mean "which one to use for compiling GNU/Linux user
applications for devboard_lx", the answer is "-mlinux".

But if you're using the framework that the application under
"devboard_lx/apps" uses, then you don't have to worry about

brgds, H-P