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RE: Cross-compiling libgmp problems

> > The problem seems to be related to a missing "-mlinux" from that
> > command-line, as called by libtool when it sees "-shared".  Of
> > course the linker should never segfault, so there's a bug to be
> > fixed.  I don't know right now exactly how to force libtool to
> > pass on "-mlinux" when building a shared library.  I will look
> > into these problems and let you know.
> > 
> > As a work-around and to save time, I guess you'll be able to fix
> > this in libtool; search for where "-shared" is parsed and
> > translated into linker and compiler options and add "-mlinux".
> Thanks a lot! This seemed to solve the problem, at least now 
> I have shared 
> version and expect it to work.

The included patch should fix the problem. Patch aclocal.m4 and run
autoconf to generate a new configure script. libtool should then use
the correct linking options when building for cris-axis-linux-gnu.

Best regards,