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Re: parallel port?

It looks like you have included the i386 io.h
containing i386 assembler.
You can't expect the i386 code to directly access the
parallel port registers to be compatible with ETRAX.

If you are using our 2.0 kernel (elinux) there is a
ioctl() interface towards the parallel port - see
hwtest and hwtestserial for sample code.
The 2.4 does not have that interface but the "standard"
Linux interface (sorry don't know any details about that)


----- Original Message -----
From: "Andreas Auer" <aauer1@xxxxxxx.at>
To: <dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com>
Sent: den 26 januari 2002 23:47
Subject: parallel port?

> Hello,
> how can I write to the parallel port??
> I know how I can write to the port under my suse linux, but when I compile
> program for the AXIS board, there are some errors.
> The compiler says, that he con't find the sys/io.h. So I told him the
> directory, but know he says:
> main.c: In function `inb':
> /usr/include/sys/io.h:48: inconsistent operand constraints in an `asm'
> Can anyone help me??
> Andreas Auer