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Using an Axis 5600+ Print Server for Development?

I would like to start a project and am considering buying the Axis
Development board.  But I don't need all the ports and peripherals included
with the development board.  The most important interfaces I need are 1
serial port, 1 parallel port and 1 Ethernet port.  In this case, would it be
possible to use an Axis 5600+ print server to start my development?  I
thought that some of the print servers were based on the Etrax 100LX and I
can buy one on ebay for about $75.  Much cheaper than the dev board.  If
this would work then I could migrate to the development board once I make
some progress.  If it's not possible to use the 5600+ print server is there
another Axis print server that I could use to in place of the dev board,
just to get started on a budget?

Thanks, Don