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> From: Bart Duchesne <bduc@xxxxxxx.com>
> Date: 05 Feb 2002 15:45:01 +0100

> Tonight I'll test it on the devel board and check its performance. Then
> we have a interpreted language on the cris.

Well, there already was the interpreted fine language of Bourne
shell ready at your command prompt. :-)

> Why not make -mlinux a standard for gcc-cris ?

Because that's not the once expected function of the "gcc-cris"
command, and it's generally bad news to change functionality
under users' feet.  That name was set a long time ago (long
before the "-mlinux" functionality) and many things have changed
since then.

The plan is (but not in the *next* release), to provide the name
"cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc" as todays "gcc-cris -mlinux".  That's
what's expected these days by a cross-compiler for a platform
named "cris-axis-linux-gnu", so should come as no surprise. :-)
Just-"gcc-cris" would be obsoleted for cris-axis-elf-gcc, and
likewise with the other tools.

brgds, H-P