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IDE (again)

Hello, we built an IDE interface and connected an hd.

At boot the ETRAX 100 LX board freezes with these messages:

 > Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver Revision: 6.31
 > ide: Assuming 50MHz system bus speed for PIO modes; override with 
 > ide: ETRAX 100LX built-in ATA DMA controller
 > ide: waiting 15 seconds for drives to regain consciousness
 > hdb: Conner Peripherals 850MB - CFS850A, ATA DISK drive
 > ide0: unexpected interrupt, status=0xff, count=1
 > ide0 at 0x10000000-0x10000007,0x2c000000 on irq 4
 > hdb: 1664583 sectors (852 MB) w/64KiB Cache, CHS=1651/16/63
 > Partition check:
 > hdb:

Browsing the ML I saw that this is the behvaiour other people
experienced on July 17-18 2001. Any news since then ?

Someone managed to beyond the "partition check" freeze ?