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Re: Problems with ranlib-cris

> From: "Ano nymous" <anony@xxxxxxx.fi>
> Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 12:55:19 GMT

> I'm trying to port ucd-snmp-4.2.2 to Axis-etrax 100lx (deboard_lx -R2_1_0)
> with the help of Rules.linux and have had some problems with that.

> collect2: ld terminated with signal 15 [Terminated], core dumped

This one I believe will be fixed in the next release.

> /PATH/rld-cris: Unsupported .stab relocation
> libucdmibs.a(master.o)(.text+0xd): relocation truncated to fit: R_CRIS_8 no
> 	symbol
> /PATH/rld-cris: Unsupported .stab relocation
> libucdmibs.a(master.o)(.text+0x15): relocation truncated to fit: R_CRIS_16
> 			strcmp@xxxxxxx.2
> /usr/local/cris/lib/gcc-lib/cris/2.96/rld-cris: Unsupported .stab
> relocation	
> etc. (goes on and on)

I guess those files were somehow compiled with the host compiler
(i.e. gcc, not gcc-cris -mlinux).  I can't say more without the
full log from the config and build.  Perhaps I can save you some
trouble.  I've successfully compiled ucd-snmp-4.2.3 as in
(I haven't tried to run it) with the following.  Note that some
variables may be redundant or unnecessary.

Configured with

env AS=cris-as CC="cris-gcc -mlinux" OBJCOPY="objcopy-cris" LD="ld-cris -mcrislinux"  RANLIB=cris-ranlib AR=cris-ar NM=cris-nm STRIP=cris-strip ./configure --host=cris-axis-linux-gnu --with-endianness=little --with-sys-contact="root@xxxxxxx.log" --with-persistent-directory="/var/ucd-snmp" --enable-shared

and built with "make".

Hope this helps.

brgds, H-P