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Re: External interrupt

Hi Mikael !

 Thanks for your response, the externall interrupt handler
 now running perfectlly.


Mikael Starvik wrote:
> Hi Petr!
> Sorry for the late reply. The IRP contains 0x6003fae4 when the bus
> fault triggers. This is the instruction _after_ the offending
> instruction. This means that the following instruction is doing
> an illegal access:
> 6003fae2:       d10b                    move.w r0,[r1]
> This implies that move.d [600d6d88 <_port_csp0_addr>],r1
> puts an  illegal address in r1. The port_csp0_addr is set
> up when init_ioremap(void) is called. Make sure that this
> function is called during boot (normally this is called
> from the  device drivers that needs access to csp0).
> Regards
> /Mikael