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Re: elf binary

> From: Ronny L Nilsson <rln@xxxxxxx.se>
> Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 20:56:01 +0100

> I've got a question about compiler flags. In the kernel
> linux/arch/etrax100/boot/compressed/Makefile
> gcc-cris is told to create an ELF (?) with the option -melf,
> but in rest of the kernel -mlinux is used. Howcome? What's the 
> differens between them?

(This looks very much like the question you asked on Jan 17.  If
you need clarification of an answer, please say so.  Sometimes
important details are missed or things can be said clearer.)

I think Bjorn W summed it up so I'll just add that using -melf
is actually redundant (i.e. it's the default).  I think the use
of that option went in at a time when producing a.out files were
still the default.

brgds, H-P