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Howto replacing default network settings?

Hi all

In the document „How to Write and Build Applications“ there is written, that the networksettings on the ETRAX board are overwritten with the files in ~/axis/devboard_lx/files/etc/network. In my installation, there is no such configuration file in that directory.


When I start ./install, the network.conf file in ~/axis/devboard_lx/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/etc/network always is overwritten with the default values.


I found in ~/axis/devboard_lx/packages/initscripts/network also a file called network.conf with those default values. When I edit this file and set the IP addresses to my values, this file is copied after ./install to ~/axis/devboard_lx/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/etc/network.


My question: Ist this the right place to edit the default network settings, or has I made any mistake?


Thanks in advance