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FW: MCM Internal SDRAM Config

Hi Patrick.
The internal SDRAM is a 1Mx4x16 type. That is 4 banks and 16 bit bus width, D0 to D15 
connected internally. If you only want to use the internal RAM you have to put the configuration
in 16 bit mode. 32 bit mode means that you can add a 1Mx4x16 bit chip externally and connect
it to D16-D31. The internal SDRAM is connected accordingly:

D0-D15		D0-D15
CSD0_			CS_


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Subject: MCM Internal SDRAM Config

hi- we're working on a design based on the new MCM (can't wait to get our
hands on the chips, by the way :). We've been looking at the schematics
for the simple serial port server provided on the developer's site and
have a few questions about the details of the Internal SDRAM config
options listed on the first page. First, why is the example configured for
16-bits? Second, is there any reason not to configure the MCM's SDRAM for
32-bit mode? If it's okay, is it just as simple as connecting the conf
pins to the specified pins on the address bus according to the table from
the serial server's schematics?