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Re: unexpected hard reset on devboard_lx

Hi Fredrik- I tried the same thing using the latest code (apps and driver)
from OpenBT's CVS, but I get the same unexpected hard reset. I've included
the system log for the most recent crash below. This crash occured after
96 connect/disconnect cycles executed by a simple shell script:

 while true
   if(btcon -a 00:03:7a:00:08:22) then
     sleep 10;
     btdisc -D 0;
   echo $i
   sleep 5;

The stacks on both devboards are initiated with:
 btdm -u /dev/ttyS0 -s 115200 -m 0

No other apps, except those executed by default at startup, are running on
either devboard.

thanks for your help,

System Log

BT SYS: ERROR: l2ca_connect_req: lp_connect_req failed, no connection
(status 4)
iver) bt_close: Line 7
<4>BT (driver) Unregistering tty on line 7
<4>BT SYS: process_event: DISCONNECTION_COMPLETE Other End Terminated
Connection: User Ended Connection
<4>BT SYS: lp_disconnect_ind: Connection handle 0 disconnected
<4>BT (driver) bt_open: Line 7
<4>BT (driver) Registering tty on line 7 (btcon)
<4>BT (driver) Now 2 open fd:s for ttyBTC [btcon]
<4>BT (driver) __bt_ioctl: BTCONNECT
<4>BT (driver) bt_connect: Connecting srv ch 1 on line 0
<4>bd (6):
<4>0x22 0x08 0x00 0x7a 0x03 0x00
<4>l2ca_connect_req: wait baseband, sleep on wq 0x601d8933
<4>lp_connect_cfm (pos), wake up wq 0x601d8933
<4>BT SYS: process_event: ACL link is up
<4>l2ca_connect_req: wait baseband, woke up !
<4>l2ca_connect_req: wait rsp, sleep on wq 0x601d8933
<4>l2cap con rsp, wake up wq 0x601d8933
<4>l2cap options:  (0):
<4>l2ca_connect_req: wait rsp, woke up !
<4>BT SYS: l2cap channel (153,135) [RFCOMM] connected
<4>BT SYS: rfcomm_config_cfm: l2cap is now open
<4>BT SYS: bt_register_rfcomm: dlci 2 on line 0
<4>BT (driver) bt_connect_cfm: Line 0 [RCOMM]
<4>BT (driver) __bt_ioctl: BTREADREMOTEBDADDR
<4>BT SYS: get_remote_bd: 00:03:7a:00:08:22
<4>BT (driver) bt_close: Lin<6005399e>] [<60006912>]
<4>       [<60006a88>] [<60006a88>] [<600068d6>] [<6000696a>] [<60006a62>]
[<60006cf0>] [<60006c3c>] [<60064054>]
<4>       [<600660a0>] [<60006b00>] [<60006b00>] [<6005dea4>] [<6005c768>]
[<70001bce>] [<70003d00>] [<60052abe>]
<4>       [<60052abe>] [<60052162>] [<60052abe>] [<60052abe>] [<60052162>]
[<6001067e>] [<600184be>] [<60010686>]
<4>       [<6001084e>] [<6001072c>] [<6005403e>] [<60052abe>] [<60052162>]
[<6002fd9e>] [<600ba60c>] [<60052abe>]
<4>       [<60052162>] [<600046f0>] [<60004714>] [<600582de>] [<600582de>]
[<60052abe>] [<60052162>] [<60052abe>]
<4>       [<6005d7f4>] [<60056ba8>] [<600281be>] [<60051ba6>]
<4>Code: d8 01 00 b0 41 d2 c9 db 69 d6 4d 9a (82) 93 fb 20 6a a6 0c 30 42
d2 6f 9e
<4>*** HARD RESET ***
bt_hangupline: Hanging up line 0
<4>BT (driver) bt_disconnect_cfm: PSM 3, status 0
<4>BT SYS: l2cap channel (153,135) [RFCOMM] disconnected
<4>l2cap disc rsp, wake up wq 0x601d8933
<4>BT (driver) bt_flush_buffer: Ignored
<4>BT (driver) bt_hangup: Line 0 (nothing done) pid 2 (keventd)
<4>BT (driver) bt_close: Line 0
<4>BT (driver) Unregistering tty ossing Linux...
Done. Now booting the kernel.