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Re: Differenz between ser0 and ser2

 --- Andreas Auer <aauer1@xxxxxxx.at> skrev: > Hello
> I have recompiled the kernel, because I have
> disabled ser2
> for debug and so on...
> And then I wrote a programm that uses the serial
> port to use
> a modem. If I connect the modem on ser2 and I turn
> off and 
> turn on the modem then the axis board couldn't read
> from the 
> serial port. I tried this on ser0 and there it
> worked.
> What is the differenz between ser0 and ser2??

:-) This has been asked before ... Maybe Axis
should add this to a FAQ :-)

First there is a getty entry in /etc/inittab that
enables login on ttyS2. This must be commented out.
Then there is an error in the main Makefile. There is
a kernelconfig entry where there should be a
kernelconfig.latest entry. This forces /dev/console to
be a link to /dev/ttyS2, not to what you selected
during kernel configuration.

Please look at one of my previous list entries.


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