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Re: incorrect result returned from 'gettimeofday'

> From: "Wei, Shi Hai" <ShiHai.Wei@xxxxxxx.au>
> Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:13:20 +1100

> (kernel 2.4.5 on etrax, cris-dist-1.15 on Mandrake8.0 kernel 2.4.8-34)

Old version.  Upgrade?  I don't know if that would help, though.
If you have the small program handy, I could check.

> tv_sec = 1014821653, tv_usec = 21639569
> You can see here tv_usec is over a million, and that is not right.  So I
> wrote a small program which just repeatedly call 'gettimeofday' in a loop,
> the same problem occurred 399 times in a million calls.

This may not help you, but may help anyone debugging it: The
gettimeofday call is just a wrapper for a kernel call, so the
bug is in the kernel.

brgds, H-P