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serial based driver

Hi there,

I'm considering the different options for writing low-level protocol drivers 
using the serial port.

As I see it I have three major possibilities, with different advantages:

1) Completely new kernel driver using a new character device like 
2) Modify the current serial driver with extra functionality, somewhat like 
the RS485 modification.
3) Write another layer above the serial driver.

The third alternative is by far the most flexible and easiest way of doing 
things, but concerning control and optimization it's pretty bad.

The second is IMHO pretty ugly...

Im going for the first option, but feels uncertain about a couple of things:

* Enable / disable the serial driver for the port I'm going to use ? (Some 
registers will probably have to be initilized)

* What about IRQ and address area of the specific UARTS ?

The LCD-driver example for the parallel port is pretty usefull, maybee 
something similar for the serial port ?

Comments ?
Help ?
Pizza ? ;)

With Regards - John Bindby