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RE: 8-Mbyte flash problems

On Thu, 2002-03-07 at 19:18, David Kilp wrote:
> Well, I had high hopes since it seems like someone else has successfully
> used this AMD part. Unfortunately, it didn't help the programming. My
> problem doesn't seem to be related to erasing since that seems to have
> worked (and this part has never been fully programmed yet anyway). It still
> fails when it tries to program past the 4M boundary:
> 0xC0004000
> 0x00800018
> Checksum of file is 0x73AC5E2A
> 0xC0004000
> 0x00000000
> 0x00800000
> Found 1 x CFI at 0x80000000
> 0x80000000: Erasing 0x00800000 bytes...done, verifying...OK
> 0x80000000: Writing 0x00800000 bytes...
> Verify error at 0x80400000
> Verify error at 0x80400000
>   .
>   .
>   .

What we know is that after the erase is done the entire chip contains
only ones (0xff-bytes). So it looks like the erase is successful.

Maybe it's a hardware problem. I know that on the developer board there
aren't enough address lines to use 8MB flash (only 4MB). Make sure that
you haven't got that limitation on your board too. Also look for and
remove any solder between the flashchip pins.

> Do I need to change something else besides the ptablespec file and
> specifying the size when running the flashitall program??