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process in inittab does not respawn

Hi all,
I have successfully installed mgetty and for testting purposes I made a 
script which makes a ppp connection between a pc and the dev_board for every 
minute. It works fine for a few hours, but then mgetty is suddenly not 
respawned anymore by the init daemon (on the dev_board). By this time mgetty 
has been restarted by the init daemon for a couple of hundred times. The line 
I use in the /etc/inittab file is:
S0:2345:respawn:/bin/mgetty -x 0 -s 115200 ttyS0 -r
I can't find any errors in the logfiles. Other applications still work fine. 
Any Idea what the problem can be? Is there a way to re-examine the 
/etc/inittab file (without rebooting)? This version of init does not support 
'init q'. I use Axis Developer Board LX release 2.0.0 and the Linux 2.4.5