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Re: process in inittab does not respawn

On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 09:56, joost wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have successfully installed mgetty and for testting purposes I made a 
> script which makes a ppp connection between a pc and the dev_board for every 
> minute. It works fine for a few hours, but then mgetty is suddenly not 
> respawned anymore by the init daemon (on the dev_board). By this time mgetty 
> has been restarted by the init daemon for a couple of hundred times. The line 
> I use in the /etc/inittab file is:
> S0:2345:respawn:/bin/mgetty -x 0 -s 115200 ttyS0 -r
> I can't find any errors in the logfiles. Other applications still work fine. 
> Any Idea what the problem can be? Is there a way to re-examine the 
> /etc/inittab file (without rebooting)? This version of init does not support 
> 'init q'. I use Axis Developer Board LX release 2.0.0 and the Linux 2.4.5 
> kernel.

That's right; our stripped down apps/init does not support "init q" but
if you do "init 1 ; init 3" mgetty should be started again by init.
There have been a lot of improvments to apps/init since release 2.0.0 so
you ought to upgrade. But it might not be a bug in the version of init
you are using. Maybe mgetty dies immediately when init tries to respawn
it (maybe because it tries to write to a log file on a file system that
has no space left or something like that). In that case, when you start
a new shell from your login-shell, the pid should increase by more than
one (1) in the new shell. Try starting mgetty from the shell command
line manually to make sure it's not a problem with mgetty.