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RE: Attach to direct to the databus


You have to connect your device to one of the chip
selects. If you for example connect the device to csp0 the
device will be accessed when you read/write the physical
address 0x90000000. In linux 2.4 this address is mapped
through the MMU and accessible with the port_csp0_addr
variable. For an example refer to code in:


Note that you have to call init_ioremap from somewhere
(e.g. from a device driver) before you can use


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I have a devboard 100lx and i need to read 16 bits
wide data so a guy help me with soldering a card onto
a place on the devboard where we could reach the
databus. The card still works but i wonder how to be
able to read, on what memoryplace can i find the data
that is coming in from the ex tern card.

I think i still have a lot to learn :-)

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