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Re: How to boot from serial port ?

> I've just acquired the developerboard_lx and wanted to use flashit to
> put a new kernel on the board.
> After doing that the orange led keeps flashing very fast, and the
> network is not working anymore. I've read this has something to do with
> a checksum error.

Yes, it indicates a checksum error. This happens if you cut the power or
press reset before the board has finished erasing and writing to flash.
It takes about a minute to erase the flash and write a new image. The
flashit script exits quickly, but the board is still busy until it
reboots. Use sermon to see what happens on the debug port (COM2) and
make sure that you let it finish.

> What steps do I need to take to get the original images (can I get them
> anywhere ?) back on the board if I want to use the serial port ?

Once erased you cannot get the original images back. Run the flashit
script again and wait until the board boots (watch the debug port).

Best regards