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Ramdisk on Etrax

Hello, I'm Francisco, 

   I'm making a program to Axis Etrax 100LX which is writing and reading a file on flash continuously.  
I know that I can damage the flash memory and I'm trying to create a ramdisk to work with the file. I can do it on a PC with Linux, but not with the board, because I use  "mke2fs" file and axis' linux distribution doesn't have it. 

The process, witch i'm doing to create the ramdisk on PC 

   mke2fs /dev/ram 2048 
   mkdir /mnt/ramdisk 
   mount -t ext2 /dev/ram /mnt/ramdisk 

How can I create a ramdisk in Axis Etrax 100LX?????? 

  thank you,