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Re: Startup scripts

On Thu, 2002-03-14 at 12:06, fjrg_cesinel@xxxxxxx.com wrote:
>        Hi all again.
>      My previous question regarding the Ramdisk was originated because I need to frequently (once per second) update the contents of the web pages displayed by Boa. So I place the html files on /tmp. But I need to do this before Boa starts. The question now is: 
> Which startup file should I modify so BEFORE Boa is started, the html files are copied from flash to /tmp?
>     I'm also trying to start a program before Boa starts. I'd like to automate this process, but I don't know what file I have to modify to do this or if I have to do other thing.

Add a row to /etc/inittab (devboard_lx/files/etc/inittab) before boa and
use the wait action so that init will wait for it to finish and not
start boa until the files are copied:

myid:3:wait:/bin/cp -r whatever whereever


make files
make images