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Re: Room Left in LX Flash

Hi there,

Third time's a charm, eh ? ;)

Everything that comes with the 'SDK'  does NOT fit....and I really don't see 
why you would need it all at the same time.

Without removing too much of the goodies, you can squeeze in about 850k.
Restructuring the partition table and maybee removing stuff like boa, you 
could push this limit a couple of hundred k further.

Hit me if i'm wrong here guys!

(Anyway, I'm successfully running an 800k application in this very now...)

A 4M flash version would be welcome though...it should'nt do that much to the 
current pricing. The ~1M currently available is really enough for most 
applications, but pictures etc for boa use up a lot of space...


On Tuesday 26 March 2002 20:49, you wrote:
> I understand that the Etrax LX Flash is 2M . Do all the applications that
> come with the LX SDK fit into the 2M Flash space? How much does each
> application take? How much space is left for user programs?
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