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can someone help me ? bluetooth stack on axis board - but no message during boot

i have installed the developer_lx software on a linux pc :       /temp/axis/devboard_lx
then i have installed the openbt stack:                                 /temp/axis/openbt
then i put the include and drivers directories into the kernel tree
then i add 'source drivers/char/bluetooth/Config.in' to the end of drivers/char/Config.in
then i add the following to drivers/char/Makefile :
    subdir-$(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) += bluetooth
    obj-$(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) += bluetooth/bt.o
then i make : make menuconfig and i have checked the box to enable bluetooth
then i make : make kernel
then i make : make images - but there was an error : jffs file not found, so i have installed another time
the developer software : ./install and then a make menuconfig
then i build another time the kernel . make kernel
and then : make images .... now there wasnt errors (WHY???)
then i have made a : ./flashit
and at least i have reboot the axis developer board - but the following messages dont appear :
Bluetooth Driver v1.3, Copyright (c) 2000, 2001 Axis Communications AB
BT SYS: Bluetooth driver registered in ttyBT
BT SYS: Bluetooth line discipline registered.
BT (driver) Initiating bt ctrl structBT SYS: Registering BT proc files
BT SYS: Bluetooth Driver Using ttyBT[0-6] (data), ttyBTC (ctrl [7])
BT SYS: Using BT Inbuffers [4000]
what is wrong - you can help me?