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Re: Room Left in LX Flash

Hi again,

> Sorry about the duplicate postings. I had problems with my email...
> Our application requires about everything in the list and more.
> Being new to Linux programming, I am finding it hard to estimate the RAM
> and FLASH memory the project will need.

The size for simple aplications is about the same as on WIN32...
Even though Axis claims that CRIS produces somewhat less code - it's the 
other way around (naturally with a reduced instruction set), but the 
difference really is minimal.

The 'SDK' should probably prove easy to use for a newbee, IMHO it's pretty 
well organized.

>   Basicly I need:
>     * web server - boa
>     * ethernet - TCP/IP
>     * 3 serial ports with Modbus support on one channel and modem PPP
> access on another one.
>     * local printer
>     * smtp - to send email alerts
>     * dhcp client

Should be a piece of cake, all that except tha modbus part is builtin.
I've had some problem using three ports simultaneously - but since I don't 
really need them all yet...well...I don't care. ;)

(And you would have to use your own casing since neither of the parallell 
ports are available in the 'Device Server' product casing.)

With Regards - JB