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My linux pthreads program works suscesfully without limitations.
First I have could develope the program in the PC linux environment.
After changing the Makefile I have could build into the etrax board without
any problem.

The programs was a propietary serial protocol adapter into several tcp/ip
conections in order to give
remote TCP/IP control at the propietari protocol via BUS 485.

The clients got the control throught a listen() and for every new accept() a
new posix task thread was issued.

When the client closed the conection the pthread was killed.

All the thread shared an only /dev/ttyS2 multiplexed in packets.

home: correo@xxxxxxx.com
work: fernando.ruiz@xxxxxxx.es

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> Hi all!
> 	I am trying to imgrate a multithread program to the
> developer board manufactured by the GEMTEK ,but the program can not run .
> The minicom shows that program out of memory.I think the  develop
> board have 8M memory, theoritically its enough to run such a program.
> 	I wonder if the linux operation system run upon it support
> the multithread mechanism,or the support threads is limited.who
> can be so kind that tells me about this,help me resolve this problem!
> 						jwchang@xxxxxxx.com
> 						http://www.iwncomm.com
> 								2002.4.1