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Re: Preemptive patch for etrax kernel?

On tisdagen den 2 april 2002 16.22, Pieter Grimmerink wrote:
> What would be the chances of getting a preemptive schedular patch
> working on the etrax kernel?
> Has anyone ever tried this, or can anyone predict what would
> be necessary to port any of the available patches?

It should not be that difficult since most of the patches are generic.

Note that there are several patches floating around:
a) Ingo Molnar, inserting lots of new scheduler points [rarely updated]
b) Andrew Morton, simplified with a don't do this list...
c) Preemptive kernel, Montavista and Robert Love - integrated in 2.5
c2) Lock break for preemptive kernel

If I were you I would probably go with b) Andrew Morton
since the "don't do this list" are mostly work station related.

BUT note!

None of these gives guarantees of latencies. If your application
is HARD real time - no misses tolerated you have to go with something
like RTLinux.

There is are some articles about the different approaches at


Roger Larsson