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RE: Preemptive patch for etrax kernel?

> On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Pieter Grimmerink wrote:
> > What would be the chances of getting a preemptive schedular patch
> > working on the etrax kernel?
> > Has anyone ever tried this, or can anyone predict what would
> > be necessary to port any of the available patches?
> If you say what you're going to use it for, maybe we or others on 
> the list 
> can recommend other ways than trying those patches.

My main concern is for an application where we are a slave on a serial bus
via a normal comport, and therefore have to respond to commands within 
a few milliseconds.
I fear the standard linux kernel will not be responsive enough, and I'd
rather not have to implement much of the protocol in a kernelmodule in 
order to be able to respond in time.

I don't think you can call this requirement a hard realtime one, and I
don't look forward to porting any of the realtime patches...
So I was hoping a preemptive schedular might already provide enough 
responsiveness for such applications.

Best regards,

Pieter Grimmerink