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Re: Preemptive patch for etrax kernel?

I recently finnished an application that required
less than millisecond responce to serial input.
All I did was to change the HZ #define in param.h 
(found in asm-cris?) from 100 to 2400 and modified
the definition of SHIFT_HZ. 

If your are pleased with approx 1 ms, 1200 is enough
and then you can skip modifying SHIFT_HZ.

I had access to specially designed hardware so we
used our own drivers.

If you use the normal serial driver, ensure that
it is compiled for low-latency, not high-throughput.


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Sweden --- Pieter Grimmerink
<mailinglists@xxxxxxx.nl> skrev: > What would be
the chances of getting a preemptive
> schedular patch
> working on the etrax kernel?
> Has anyone ever tried this, or can anyone predict
> what would
> be necessary to port any of the available patches?
> Best regards,
> Pieter Grimmerink 

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