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Re: network problem

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From: "Ranganadh" <ranga@xxxxxxx.in>
To: <dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com>
Sent: den 6 april 2002 18:38
Subject: network problem

> hi all,
>   i am new to developer board.I bought just now and when i am trying to
> set the ip address by using the command
>  arp -s 00:40:8c:57:c6:5f
> i am getting message as  "host unreachable"  what could be the reason ?.Is
> anything i am missing.

Don't really know, is the IP address in the same range as the PC?

> And one more thing ,when i want to try thru serial port , i am confused.
> Because in documents (website) it was written that com2 is female
> connector.But actual physical connector on the board is male connector.
> why it is like that? What i have to do?

No, the doc says that the pin header X12 has the pinout so you could
connect it to a female connector using a flat ribbon cable.

> any positive response is appreciable
> Ranganadh
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