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Flashing Status LED on boot

I'll try to keep this succint:

1) i have reverted to a fresh installation of the latest devboard lx sdk and
linux 2.4.14
2) after ". ./init_env" and "./install" the build completes successfully.
3) flashing over ethernet is successful with "./flashit" after the board is
set to boot mode (and lights on the switch indicate the network connection
is up).
4) upon reboot, the devboard's yellow status LED comes on and flashes at
several Hz continuously. The network connection never comes up - no LEDs on
the switch come on (network settings are default). CAT cable is working and
plugged in properly. Board doesn't respond to arp/ping combination.
5) i haven't got hold of a ribbon cable to examine the debug output (i'm on
the case)
6) the board has previously worked fine, but recently this post-flashing
problem has occured so as a last resort i've reverted to the default
software distribution. No Joy :-(

From reading the mailing list archive, the problem seems to be with the
partition table, but surely a clean install of the original devboard
software shouldn't cause this?

Any ideas anyone?

If anyone can point me in the direction of a guide on how to build a serial
cable suitable for linking to the debug serial port i'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

Dave Jones
Student Project Engineer
NetEngines Ltd