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my RAM disk is too big

when I use the command 'df' on the developer board I get the next information:

Filesystem     	1k-blocks   	Used  	Available  	Use%   	Mounted on
/dev/flash3  	3168     	3168   	      0   		100%  	/
/dev/flash2  	  192       	   32     	   160   		 17%  	/mnt/flash
tmpfs         	3472     	 184       3288   		  5%  	/var

As you can see I have more than 3 MB of free space on the RAM disk ( /var ). 
Is this memory reserved for the RAM disk, or can it also be used by the CPU? 
If it cannot be used by the CPU, how can I free up this memory? I don't need 
such a big RAM disk.