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RE: my RAM disk is too big

Hi Joost,

4mb is the default ramdisk size...you should be able to change this size
while building the kernel....be aware not to change is when using initrd
(you probably won't). 
You could also try to implement ramfs, which assign the ram used dynamicly
when it is used for files with a max of half the total ram (I  do not know
if this is working on CRIS though...)


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> From: 	joost[SMTP:j.w.reus@xxxxxxx.nl]
> Reply To: 	j.w.reus@xxxxxxx.nl
> Sent: 	Monday, 08 April, 2002 13:59
> To: 	dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: 	my RAM disk is too big
> when I use the command 'df' on the developer board I get the next
> information:
> Filesystem     	1k-blocks   	Used  	Available  	Use%
> Mounted on
> /dev/flash3  	3168     	3168   	      0   		100%  	/
> /dev/flash2  	  192       	   32     	   160   		 17%
> /mnt/flash
> tmpfs         	3472     	 184       3288   		  5%
> /var
> As you can see I have more than 3 MB of free space on the RAM disk ( /var
> ). 
> Is this memory reserved for the RAM disk, or can it also be used by the
> CPU? 
> If it cannot be used by the CPU, how can I free up this memory? I don't
> need 
> such a big RAM disk.  
> Thanks,
> Joost

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