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RE: my RAM disk is too big

On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 14:06, Meiland, Hugo wrote:
> Hi Joost,
> 4mb is the default ramdisk size...you should be able to change this size
> while building the kernel....be aware not to change is when using initrd
> (you probably won't). 
> You could also try to implement ramfs, which assign the ram used dynamicly
> when it is used for files with a max of half the total ram (I  do not know
> if this is working on CRIS though...)

We are not using ramdisk in any software running Linux 2.4. In elinux
(2.0) we did, but with the 2.4-kernel we use tmpfs instead. tmpfs works
much like ramfs but has additional features such as limit checking. You
can set the limit using the "-o size=xxx" mount option.