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Re: my RAM disk is too big

On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 23:29, joost wrote:
> I asked the question about devboard_lx-R2_0_0the RAM because I have a problem with a 
> application, which I think has to do with the memory. The application worked 
> with devboard_lx-R2_0_0 and the 2.4.5 kernel, but not with devboard_lx-R2_1_0 
> and the 2.4.14 kernel. With the new software, the applications stops after a 
> while because of a segmentation fault.

There must be something wrong in the application. A segmentation fault
indicates a programming error, even though the error doesn't reveal
itself when using the devboard_lx-R2_0_0 software.

> When I look at /proc/meminfo, there 
> are some big differences between the old and the new software. 
> Old software:
> MemFree 1808 kB
> Buffers          0 kB
> Inact_dirty   24 kB
> Inact_clean   0 kB
> Inact_target   8 kB
> New software:
> MemFree 992 kB
> Buffers     552 kB
> Inactive   2512 kB
> What does the 'Inactive 2512 kB' mean? Is this maybe the cause of why there 
> is such a little free memory?

I have no idea. Can someone else help us with this one?

Best regards