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Re: BCM 5221 supplier

Hello, Margret..
Broadcom has contact info for all their sales offices, distributors, and manufacturer's
reps on their web site, www.broadcom.com, click on "sales offices".
They have an app. note, 5201/5221-AN200-R, that discusses issues of compatibility
between the BCM 5221 and the 5201, as well as 5221/5220-AN01 related to the new
device, and the data sheet 5221-DS06-R.  You have to talk to a sales rep  or somebody
to get access to the app notes.
Chris Nickles
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Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 7:52 AM
Subject: BCM 5221 supplier

Using the Etrax 100lx reference diagrams i have
designed a board to the specifications we require.

Broadcom have made the BCM5201 chip obsolete so supply
of this chip has ceased. I am looking to use the BCM
5221 instead, has any one found a supplier of this
chip,  broadcom or arrow do not seem to supply this?
Or is anyone using an alternative chip that works with
the Etrax 100LX chip?