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RE: Etrax100 to Etrax100LX migration roadmap

Hi Johann.
The kernelconfig in the devboard_lx release should be compatible with you ETRAX 100LX based
board. The EDO DRAM is the same on our ETRAX100 and ETRAX 100LX based boards. Pin compatible EDO
and SDRAM will be hard to find, you need to change your board layout to make it work. I haven't heard
of any SDRAM chip that is incompatible with ETRAX 100LX so feel free to choose what you want. 
We mostly use Micron and Samsung.


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Subject: Etrax100 to Etrax100LX migration roadmap


We are using the Etrax100 chip with the eLinux kernel for a while now and we
need now to migrate to the Etrax100LX chip with the Linux kernel.
Our own board is very similar to the Axis devboard (Etrax100 + same EDO DRAM
+ same 2MB flash and so on). The whole devboard package runs "as-it" on our

We have got a few boards with the Etrax100LX running our eLinux package and
so I plan to follow this roadmap :
- download the whole devboard-lx package and the latest Linux kernel
- build the kernel and the devboard-lx package "as-it"
- make it run on our board.

Before doing this, I want to make sure the devboard-lx (and the provided
kernelconfig) is shipped with the same EDO DRAM as was the devboard so we
can make the kernel running without a change. Can you please confirm this.

After this first step, we will change the board EDO DRAM for a SDRAM and
update the kernelconfig. What SDRAM chip shall be choose, assumed that it
must be "pin-to-pin" compatible with the EDO ?


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