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RE: MCM and SDRAM 256Mbit

If you want add external memory and make use of the internal SDRAM chip, you must add chips that has the same configuration (1Mx4x16 bit) 
as this chip. Just as it is described in the MCM Designer's Reference.
On the other hand it is OK to add the 256 Mbit module but in this case you cannot use the internal module at the same time. In this case
you must place the 256 Mbit module in group1 and only use group 1.

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Subject: MCM and SDRAM 256Mbit

Can I use a chip of SDRAM 256Mbit (like HM5225165B or EDS2516) with the Etrax 100LX MCM? 
If yes how I add it?
Thank you for your help