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RE: How does clk gated work?

Hi again,

We're running in manual mode. We are not using your code
except for the defines. It is a really basic driver. It just
writes a 32 bit value to the transmitter. No DMA or interrupts.

This is our R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL:
*R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL = sync_ctrl_data_shadow =
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, tr_baud, c115k2Hz)      |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, dma_enable, off)        |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, mode, master_output)    |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, error, ignore)          |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, rec_enable, disable)    |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, f_synctype, normal)     |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, f_syncsize, bit)        |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, f_sync, on)             |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, clk_mode, gated)        |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, clk_halt, stopped)      |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, bitorder, msb)          |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, tr_enable, disable)     |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, wordsize, size32bit)    |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, buf_empty, lmt_8)       |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, buf_full, lmt_8)        |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, flow_ctrl, disabled)    |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, clk_polarity, neg)      |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, frame_polarity, normal) |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, status_polarity, normal)|
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, clk_driver, inverted)   |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, frame_driver, normal)   |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, status_driver, normal)  |
          IO_STATE(R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, def_out0, low);

And in open() of our driver
 SETS(sync_ctrl_data_shadow, R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, clk_halt, running);
 SETS(sync_ctrl_data_shadow, R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL, tr_enable, enable);
 *R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL = sync_ctrl_data_shadow;

We disabled serial port 1 in menuconfig.

We are using your devboard for developement.

Anders & Björn

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Mikael Starvik wrote:
> Hi,
> Are you running in DMA or manual mode? Can you send me the values
> you write to R_SYNC_SERIAL1_CTRL? I know that I have tested
> gated clock once and that it worked as expected.
> Note that you have to disable serial port 1 in kernelconfig
> to run synchronous serial port 1. I can verify your kernel-
> config if you send me a copy. Are you running on a developer
> board or have you built your own PCB?
> /Mikael