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RE: Memory-mapped A/D converter


   Thanks for the info. But the question was more related to the 
DEVELOPMENT BOARD. The databus and chip select signals are not accesible!

   Best regards,

     Rafael Collantes

At 07:48 26/04/02 +0200, Mikael Starvik wrote:
>I haven't looked at this particular chip but the ETRAX 100 provides
>a large number of chip selects and two external DMA channels.
>Have you read this document?
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>Subject: Memory-mapped A/D converter
>Hi all,
>    We are trying to use a MAX125 A/D converter in the Axis Development
>Board. Has anyone had any experience in adding memory-mapped devices to the
>How should we generate the chip select signals... is it possible to do it
>from the ETRAX chip or should we use external logic?
>    Thanks a lot.
>    Rafael Collantes