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Error in cgiparse.c

A am making a CGI program for my kit and of course I looked heavily in the
cgiedit.c program
And I made a little test program to get the grip of gciparse. I stumbled
over an error that made me wonder for some time.
If you pass an query string that define a key with no value fks:
the you get an error telling document contained no data. because the editcgi
program exit with segmentation fault.

I found the error to be in url_param_fix()
in the second last line saying
if size is 0 you get the segmentation fault so I've corrected it to
if(size > 0)

Martin Hansen
Student at SDU Sønderborg. www.sdu.dk
Writing final project at Danfoss drives. www.danfossdrives.com

Tlf: 74 88 54 62