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Printing Problems using the development board

hi all,
we try to print through the lp0. For that purpose we did connect the
scope to the parallel port connector of the development board X23.
However we are not able to print, nothing goes, the printer is co-
nnected, however no strobe signal appears. Measuring the control
lines of the parallel port shows, that PIN6 (INIT#) is always 'low'
,busy is always '1' and no bytes do appear on the data lines D(0..7)
Simulating a printer by pulling low, the busy and ACK# pins shows that
the data we 'cated' through /dev/lp0 do appear on the port ...
Why are those signal 'high' when we connect the printers directly.
We tried several complete different printers ...does it has to do
with the printer init signal INIT# which is driven from the develop-
ment board always '0'?
any help would be appreciated ...
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