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Re: adding flash memory

On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 16:00, mschapira@xxxxxxx.com
> In the past we have successfully added a flash memory module to our
> development board. However, I believe that we were using kernel 2.4.5 and
> devboard_lx software 2.0.0.
> We have since upgraded to devboard_lx software 2.1.0 and kernel 2.4.14. How
> would I go about changing our configuration to enable the addition of this
> board. In particular I need to add a /dev/flashx to the /dev  devices. In
> addition I have to add a new partition to the ptablespec and I have to
> create a directory to the /mnt directory.  I have tried to edit entries in
> the packages Makefiles but I wind up with 5 partitions on axis flash the
> last being the romfs partition.

The romfs-partition (i.e. the cramfs-partition) is nowadays added as the
last partition (unless you boot from RAM). It is the part of the
kernel+romfs partition that contains cramfs.img. If you have 5
partitions, /dev/flash[0-4], then /dev/flash3 is your partition and the
last partition (/dev/flash4) is the romfs-partition. The only problem is
that kernelconfig says that the root partition is /dev/mtdblock3 (which
we call /dev/flash3 in the filesystem) so the kernel will try to mount
your new partition (instead of the cramfs-partition) as the root
partition. So you need to change CONFIG_ETRAX_ROOT_DEVICE to
"/dev/mtdblock4" in kernelconfig.

Best regards