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Re: fast blink on the yellow status led



You need to wait while the axis board erases the flash and copies the
flash image from RAM to Flash.

Reset the board in boot mode (depress boot button while pressing reset
button), run ./flashit then WAIT several minutes while the board updates
the flash image and reboots automatically. DON'T reset it manually!
Although flashit exits in seconds the board takes longer to execute the

If you connect to the com2 port with a serial lead and use
sermon/hyperterminal you'll see the progress of the rewrite/reboot

hope that helps,

Dave Jones
Student Project Engineer
NetEngines Ltd

On Mon, 6 May 2002, Pierre Filliolaud wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a big problem. I have an Etrax 100 LX, I rebuilt the kernel, I have only changed the led activity. After flashing the Etrax, it worked fine. But when I have rebooted it, it crashed. Now I have a fast blink on the yellow status led. I try to wash something on serial port but nothing is written. I try to reflash it but the ethernet port does not work.
> So could you explain how could I flash it with serial port?
> Thanks, Pierre Filliolaud