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RE: PPP doesn't work evertime??!!

> From: Cem Semiz [mailto:sz@xxxxxxx.ch] 

Please don't send any more copies of this to the dev-etrax mailing list. 
You won't get an answer quicker just because you post the question 
multiple times.

> I have serious problems with starting pppd 2.4.1 and Kernel  2.4.14 on devboardLX, when using handy with GPRS -
> as client . It's working only anytime but not evertime . Does anybody have some experience with developerLX -board and a > stabil handy-internet-conenction?

I'm not sure what you mean by "handy". Anyway, in general the ppp used on
the devboard is quite stable and seems to interoperate fine with all other 
implementations (provided that you configure them correctly).

> I have debuged the pppd-log see below: ever when its works he send twice (line -62/63)the same Conf-Req-Frame!! and ever

It's just a retransmission because of a time-out. I doubt that it has
anything to do with your problem.

> when it doesn't works pppd send only once (line -23) Conf-Req-Frame. But bothtime receive the same Conf-Nak-Frame

Your "handy" requests that the same IP address is used for both ends of the 
PPP link. Don't know if this has anything to do with your problem, but it 
looks a bit suspicious.