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Re: fast blink on the yellow status led

> try:
> http://mhonarc.axis.se/dev-etrax/msg01581.html
> You need to wait while the axis board erases the flash and copies the
> flash image from RAM to Flash.
> Reset the board in boot mode (depress boot button while pressing reset
> button), run ./flashit then WAIT several minutes while the board updates

I waited for 2 days.. Nothing happened

> the flash image and reboots automatically.

It does want to reboots automatically

>DON'T reset it manually!
> Although flashit exits in seconds the board takes longer to execute the
> re-write!
> If you connect to the com2 port with a serial lead and use
> sermon/hyperterminal you'll see the progress of the rewrite/reboot

I used sermon with the com2 during the 'flashhit' nothing happened. Nothing
is written

> process.
> hope that helps,
> Dave Jones
> Student Project Engineer
> NetEngines Ltd