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Re: PPP doesn't work evertime??!!

On Mon, 2002-05-06 at 15:26, Semiz wrote:
> -with handy i mean a mobile-phone (ericson t39m)

ok, I haven't heard that terminology before.

> -but it requests the same IP's, if its gone, too!

Sorry, I can't parse that sentence.

> -i spend many times with the configuration and the board, but nothing helps
> me!
> -i don't have any other ideas and you!!

It is impossible to debug you problem from the information you provided.
Exactly what is it that doesn't work? Have you verified the routing on
each side? Have you checked if you perhaps get packets through in one
direction but not in the other? 

As I said, it doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the PPP negotiation
expect that the addresses are a bit strange. Perhaps the "handy" expects
the peer (the devboard) to propose a suitable IP address for its end of
the link. You obviously haven't configured the pppd on the devboard to
do this.

Of course, if you are willing to pay for support and provide us with the
hardware you are using I'm sure that we can solve the problem quickly.