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root fs on flash which is not mapped in memory

What would be the implications when using something like a
flashcard, something with an interface rather then being
mapped in the memory address range with the etrax 100 LX?
It would have to contain the root fs.

-I guess I need to have a flash device that has an mtd driver
written for it, or at least has a read/write/erase sector
interface so that an mtd driver could be written for it?

-I probably need to have a small (how large?) flash device
mapped in the address range, to contain a kernel with
devicedriver for the flashcard?
Or could a small bootloader be written to get an image 
containing the actual kernel, directly from the flashcard?

-other issues that have to be taken care off, before such
flash devices can be used to host a root fs?

Best regards,

Pieter Grimmerink